Biographical Details Dr. Suhaimi Ayoub

Name : Dr. Suhaimi Bin Ayoub

Consultant Physician Kuantan Medical Centre MD (USM) MMED (USM)

Citizenship : Malaysian

Previous Academic Position:

  • Lecturer in Clinical Medicine
  • Physician in Internal Medicine Department, HTAA

Qualification :

  • MD (USM) June 1996
  • MMED (Internal Medicine) 2003
  • Permanent Clinical Lecturer since Feb 2004 till June 2006
  • Pesident Consultant Physician, Kuantan Medical Centre

Years of Work :

  • House officer since June 1996 in Hospital Seremban
  • Medical Officer in HTAA – Dermatology Dept June 1997-1998
  • Medical Officer in HTAA – Medical Dept. since June 1998
  • Join IIUM as trainee Lecturer in Internal Medicine Dept in Sept 2000
  • Went for MMED Programme USM ; 1999 – 2003
o One year as out campus Student in HTAA
6 months gastro and neuro attachment in HUKM
3 months cardio attachment in IJN
3 months attachment in Hospital Selayang
  • Clinical specialist since September 2003
  • Obtained Assistant Professor since 14 February 2004
  • Working as permanent lecturer till june 2006
  • Resident Consultant Physician Kuantan Medical Centre since June 2006

Major Publication :

  • Cerebral Malaria; eIMJ : No 2, Vol 1 Dec 2004,
  • Dengue Encephalitis; eIMJ : No 2, Vol 2 Dec 2004,
  • A fevourable response to splenectomy in familial myelodysplastic Syndrome : Singapore Medical Journal ( accepted for publication )
  • Dianostic yield of colonoscopy in patient with colorectal symptoms ; Zailani MH, Azmi MN, Nasser MA, Suhaimi A; 5th Malaysian Colorectal Conference Kuala Lumpur.
  • Serum Sialic Acid in Acute Coronary Syndrome : Indian Heart (Heart Journal Dec 2007)

Completed Research :

  • Establishment of research methods and protocols in our proposed Cytogenetic laboratory of the kulliyyah of medicine IIUM.
  • Diagnostic yield of colonoscopy in patients with colorectal symptomsHCV false positivity among population in HTAA
  • Inron deficiency anemia in patient with chronic renal failure; The value of Endoscopy upper and lower GI
  • Pulmonary and cardiovascular manifestation in patient of SLE In Kuantan.
  • Primary Plasma cell Leukemia with Progressive Paraplegia.
  • Co reviewer for monograph publication of Transfusion Medicine for IIUM medical student.

Article review :

  • Thrombocytopenia presenting with total aortic occlusion.
  • A review of bone marrow examination in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan.

Consultancy :
  • Establishment of Medical Gastro Bleeding Team In HTAA,Kuantan.
  • Accreditated as Medical Endoscopist by accreditation and privileging committee HTAA.Specialist in Charge of medical CME IIUM / HTAA.
  • Appointed for consultant for product evaluation PKBD Min. of Health : VENTAVIS and OLMETEC.
  • Invited for involvement of National Hepatitis C registry as core searcher.
  • Invited for National Inflammatory Bowel Disease registry.

Community involvement :
  • Invited to Give Talks on Hepatitis B and C in Radio Malaysia Pahang
  • Invited to deliver seminar to General Practitioners in Mentakab, Pahang for update in management of Hepatitis B.
  • Invited to give talks to secondary schools for “Sihat Afiat Programme”
Awarded as Best Medical Staff In Medical Staff In Medical Department HTAA from NOV 2006 till May 2007.


  • Medical Endoscopic Diagnostic and Therapeutic.
o Bleeding Gastrointesinal Lesion
Percutaneous enteral Gastrotomy insertion
Colonic Cancer Screening and treatment
Inflammatory bowel disease : screening and treatment.

  • Hepatology
o Involved in opening of hepato and gastro HTAA Clinin.
Hepatitis B and C : Screening, diagnosis and treatment.
Chronic Liver disease and hepatocellular cancer
Other various hepatological disorders

  • Hematology
o Experience in treating variety of Lymphoma Cases
Well versed with chemotheraphy regimes and protocols
Well updated knowledge with current hematological disease diagnosis and treatment

  • Cardiology
o Echocardiography
Stress Test
Dobutamine Stress Test
Temporary pacemaker insertion and monitoring
o Thrombolysis for Myocardial Infarction.

About Dr. Suhaimi Ayoub

Dr. Suhaimi Ayoub
No.1, Jalan Tun Ismail 9, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur
Tel: 09-514 282 Ext: 305

Service Offered:

-Obesity, Diabetic, Hypertensive Clinic

-Heart Clinic & Executive Screening Programme


-Cancer Screening Programme:
-Colorectal Cancer, Liver, Oesophagel, Stomach, Lung Cancer & Others


Clinic Hour:

Monday : 9.oo am - 5.00 pm

Tuesday : 9.oo am - 5.00 pm

Wednesday : 9.oo am - 5.00 pm

Thursday : 9.oo am - 5.00 pm

Friday : 9.oo am - 1.00 pm
2.30 pm - 5.00 pm

Saturday : 9.oo am - 1.00 pm